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Genuine Gray MIZUNO 2 Wave Prophecy Shoes

2013-09-21 18:13:35

As a centuries-old Japanese-known sports brands, Mizuno, but the situation in China with local starker. According to a number of large-scale agent said, because the brand is not strong profitability in China, agents are reluctant to take over. Once had with Mizuno Belle-depth cooperation, bilateral relations will also be changed to hosting. Although MIZUNO 2 Shoes responsible person does not admit it publicly, but an insider Belle default the news. It is understood that Mizuno market in Beijing more than 20 counters are proprietary.

"Mizuno do not make money, and now there are few agents dare." Introduction of a large agency, Wave Prophecy 2 Shoes although Mizuno product performance is good, but the sales are not good, which makes it difficult for agents. The agency said the comprehensive renovation, goods, labor, rent and other costs, agency Mizuno risky.
Mizuno has represented both business Henan and Shandong Belle has now ended its agency relationship into custody. "Genuine Gray MIZUNO 2 Wave Prophecy Shoes On Sale With custody after Mizuno not only need to bear all costs and risks, the trustees need to pay management fees. Only in this way, the trustee will just provide a channel." Hosted mode with different multi-agent model of business risk in the agency side.

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