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Mizuno Gray Wave Prophecy 2 Shoes

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Mizuno Shoes pushed new product that combines high performance waterproof performance and comfort "comfortable waterproof weather" conceptual golf shoes officially landed the franchised stores. From last year waterproof breathable, into the ion-mask and Cool Breathes the evolution of technology, Mizuno golf shoes on excellence, and strive to bring consumers more fitting feel.
The launch of the ultra-light waterproof series, not only to prevent the infiltration of rainwater, shoes and more can be maintained for a long time inside the comfort of state. In the sole, although not detachable spikes, but with a grip performance can be improved IG MULTI spikes, MIZUNO Wave Prophecy 2 Shoes a higher grip, improves the process of hitting the ball flight distance and direction stability. The ultra-light section of the design, not only reduces energy consumption, but also firmly support your feet, bringing unprecedented comfort.
It is reported that Genuine Gray MIZUNO 2 Wave Prophecy Shoes "comfortable waterproof weather" conceptual shoes have landed around the store, the price of 1380 yuan / double.